"M.A.Appleby's first book is a compelling read.  Ellen  Andress, the heroine, narrates her story that moves her from one side of the globe to the other. Ellen has the reader rooting  for her and the family she loves as they navigate their upturned lives, looking for answers  to their questions. The surprising twists and turns will keep you turning the pages."  -  Patricia Salmon, Fayetteville, NC

"Loved this fast moving thriller. Full of intrigue and quirky little phrases. Loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, time to pause in life! Thanks M.A. Appleby, a great book, when is the next one?     - Veora M. Little 

"A wonderful story with a lot of meaning.  I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. Made you think about life with its  twists and turns, like a kaleidoscope! Thank  you M.A. Appleby for your new book.       -Gisele Wilson 

    "The Ancient Whisper is a compelling story that is woven around a woman who has been abducted in a foreign country after her husband mysteriously dies.  Ellen is a strong character you want to cheer for as she untangles the clandestine circumstances  surrounding the mystery  and the effects on her family. Ms. Appleby keeps you guessing as the story weaves and turns, involving an interesting cast of characters. Its a fascinating new twist taking the reader to a horse farm in Virginia, the up close workings of a  racetrack, and a web of deceit and intrigue.   

                  -  Karen Hansen, PhD, LMHC/Seattle, WA     

​​     "Loved this novel by M.A.Appleby! Curiosity and Intrigue began on page one and continued to build throughout the book, making it difficult to put down. As the story progressed and the author inserted more and more characters into the story, you don't lose track of who's who, as this new author is great at instilling a deep understanding of each character's persona along the way. I was also fascinated with the horse-racing venue and working knowledge Appleby used as a sideline interest in the book. Looking forward to a sequel of this story as there are so many directions it could take. Great read!  - Marilyn Lajoie, Arizona ​  

​​​"The Ancient Whisper is a 'can't put down book'! Fantastic read! A wonderful novel, with twists and turns the reader does not see coming! I have purchased this book as gifts for my family members, I KNOW they will love it as much as I have. Congratulations on a 'Winner's List Book'!"  ​ - Victoria Nicholas, Chardon, OH

​"I would like to thank M.A.Appleby for writing a book that I absolutely loved! It is great to pick up a book that you can't guess at what is going to happen next. This is a book I couldn't put down, and will keep in my collection. I will encourage our local libraries to purchase this book so others can appreciate this talented writer. M.A.Appleby is going to give David Baldacci a run for his money. I will recommend this book to my friends and can hardly wait for the next book.   -Nadine/Victoria, British Columbia

"I love this first book from M.A.Appleby, full of  intrigue and steeped in quirky phrases, not  to  mention the always present meaningful sayings. A  good read, kept interest to the end."  - John R. Little, Naples FL

​​"When I first started the book it was a little too descriptive for me but as I advanced a few pages it became more and more interesting. There were so many twists and turns that it kept expectations very high and satisfying. I hope to see a sequel as the storyline is very god and the characters all very likeable. -  John Butler, Roswell, GA 

"This was hard to put down! Always a new twist and surprise in each chapter. Definitely one to read if you like a good mystery!   - Cecilia Bach, Naples, FL​

    "The Ancient Whisper is a pleasantly surprising debut novel by Ms. Appleby. The intriguing  story line grips the reader in all its intensity, I felt like I was a part of it...that I was standing next to the main character Ellen, and feeling the same way that she felt. This book is a page-turner with a lot of twists and turns. There's suspense, mystery and even a little love in The Ancient Whisper. I really enjoyed it. I am anxiously looking forward to reading the sequel."    - Sheila L. Bird, Novelty, OH​

      "Your book was wonderful...from the front cover, to the back cover. Thanks for daring to write and publish this dream come true project. Hope Jason stays out of 'trouble'! Good luck on the next book. - Helen Louise Alexander

​"The Ancient Whisper is a look at rural America and a peek into the world of horseracing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining story that pulls you along from beginning to end. It  left one wanting more, such as a sequel.  I purchased several to  give as gifts."  -  Sylvia I. Richter, Victoria, BC

"I bought this book and told the author I'm not a fan of mystery, but I am a fan of her and her son. I am glad I have to eat my words. This book was a nonstop read. It is the kind of book you have to slow down so you don't get to the end. You have a great female lead who survives and thrives this crazy situation she has been thrown into. And she does it with such grace and tenacity. Please read this book and yes we are kindly pushing and rushing MA Appleby for the sequel.   - Angel, Naples FL

​​"I was immediately captured by the first chapter of THE ANCIENT WHISPER, and this mystery did not release me until I completed reading the Epilogue. The author, M.A. Appleby, skillfully portrays a mother fighting to overcome a life turned upside down by world politics, criminals and a Federal bureaucracy. Rather than accepting defeat from the hand she is dealt, this lady responds with cunning as she wages her war with Middle East royalty, Homeland Security, those who identify themselves as FBI agents and an organization of criminals. She is allowed little time to savor the victory of each battle she wins due to additional complications that keep invading her life. As an author of fiction my-self, my standard for an exceptionally written novel requires each of the following to be present: The characters developed must make me empathetic with them, and the antagonists have to be believable. The plot has to be interesting, lacking holes and provide ample surprises. The author needs to show me the story rather than telling it to me. As a reader I need to feel the emotions of the characters; what they see, feel, hear, taste and smell are all very important. Ms. Appleby has surpassed my expectations, and this mystery is definitely a novel I classify as exceptional. It is also a very enjoyable read." - Terry L. Wilson, Author of The Blanket Hill Insurgency

'THE ANCIENT WHISPER is a well written novel that holds your interest from chapter to chapter.  I couldn’t wait to turn the page to find out what was going to happen next to our heroine.  M. A. Appleby has done a magnificent job of allowing the reader to know and understand the characters, and feel a part of the action. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good mystery.  I just ordered the sequel, Book 2, WHISPERED DREAMS and can’t wait to read it to see where the character's lives go."   – Joan Kovats, New York

"What a wonderful story! This book is full of intrigue, mystery, and all the elements that captured this reader's attention. I couldn't put the book down. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel!"

- Judy Stofan, Mayfield Hts. OH 

​"What a great novel. The story line held my interest trying to figure out who was holding Ellen captive and why. Ellen is a very strong willed woman and her love for her family gave her the inner strength to survive. The book holds your attention with all its twists and turns, you can't put it down.     -Cheryl Getzy, OHIO

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Unputdownable books - A Whisper Mystery Trilogy is an imposing work of fiction  that melds tension, intrigue, suspense, hope,

and faith in a page-turning cliff hanging mystery.