After any traumatic event, your 'sense of self' becomes that much more important. As my son continued to recover, it  allowed  me to rekindle my passions, however, I do not believe that The Whisper Mystery Trilogy could have been written - unless we, as a family,  actually lived through this tragedy. 

   A journal, written the day my son David's accident, was intended to help other caregivers who were  going through a similar situation. The resident doctor told us that he would never walk again and would be unresponsive. We should search for a facility to care for him; it should be a place where he would remain for the rest of his life. We never believed that for a moment and were determined for him to walk again. David was 'in there' although the lights were dim.

   As I learned later, every head injury is different and the experience is never the same for each individual or for their family. In our case, my son was in a rehabilitation center for eight months, following a three-month stay in an acute-care section of a hospital. My sister and I devised an 'exit plan', and searched for support groups and organizations who could work with David. We experimented with his therapy and often made up our own when those didn't work. With the help of his Neurologist, we planned a 'recovery strategy' to take him down or completely off his medications. But I'll save all that for the next book.


   As part of the APLD Environmental Committee, I helped write sections in a series of brochures that were developed to educate our clients, as well as our members.

    Guidelines for Creating Environmentally Responsible Landscapes: (2005)

  • Soil
  • Wildlife

     Lawns, guidelines for creating environmentally responsible landscapes (2006)

  • Regional Notes - Northeast
  • Regional Notes - Plains/Midwest
  • Organic Lawn Care 

 A Whisper Mystery Trilogy; 2nd printing 2017

  • The Ancient Whisper 
  • Whispered Dreams 
  • Journey of a Thousand Steps

 David's real story and how our family coped with the tragedy:  Raising David Again

 published date February, 2017

  • Award from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association

OTHER WRITING PROJECTS PLANNED: (not in any particular order)

  • Rewritten and reworked: A Gothic Novel; GREENSBROOK
  • Fictional novel:  Mystery on issiquoya Mountain 
  • Short story, fiction:  Nellie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  • Short story, non-fiction: The Rainbow Lady, our Irish Connection
  • Fictional novel:  The Guardian Wolf
  • Children's book:Mindy Sue's Runaway Clock

  • Children's book: The Butterfly Fish

  • Children/Adult: Meet Brainy​

There is solace in reading an entertaining story, getting my hands dirty (organic gardening), painting (anything), designing - and now writing!